Finance Committee

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The UB Foundation helps the university meet the growing demand for on-campus student housing by owning and operating apartment complexes on UB’s North Campus.

The finance committee helps ensure financial stability for the UB Foundation and, by extension, for the University at Buffalo by reviewing our annual and long-term plans, and providing expert advice and input. In addition, the finance committee serves as the board of directors for two affiliates: UB Foundation Activities, Inc. and UB Foundation Services, Inc.

Fiscal Year 2024



  • Eileen S. Silvers

Vice Chair

  • Vacant


  • Vacant


  • Teresa Bair
  • Gregory M. Bauer
  • Robert E. Denning
  • Daniel K. Magnuszewski
  • Margaret H. McGlynn
  • Nagendra Raina
  • Steven H. Shepsman
Purpose of the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee helps the boards of University at Buffalo Foundation and Affiliates (UBF) discharge and perform their duties and responsibilities by working with UBF management and by providing advice and input to the boards regarding the management of the financial affairs of their entities, as appropriate, including:

  • Identifying, assessing and managing financial risks and uncertainties;
  • Continuously improving financial systems;
  • Complying with legal and regulatory requirement relating to financial matters;
  • Assessing the overall financial health of UBF.

Such duties are intended to complement, and not overlap with, the work of other committees such as Audit and Investment.

In so doing, it is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to maintain free and open communication with all board members, the UBF business office, and other officials engaged in managing UBF.

All members shall have a basic understanding of financial matters and be able to read and understand various financial reports, and at least one member of the committee shall have finance and related financial management expertise.


The Finance Committee will perform its duties in accordance with UBF’s mission “to support and promote the activities and programs of the University at Buffalo, State University of New York”.

The Finance Committee’s duties and responsibilities for a fiscal year are to:

  1. Review and recommend the annual financial plan for UBF.
  2. Review and recommend the annual capital plan for UBF.
  3. Review, from a financial perspective, major UB projects introduced during the year which might involve significant changes in the UBF financial or capital plans approved for that year.
  4. Develop, monitor, and maintain a three to five year long-range financial plan for UBF.
  5. Monitor actual financial activities in comparison to the financial and capital plans.
  6.  Review the financial condition of UBF, assess financial risks, including debt levels and leveraging of resources, risk controls, and related staffing and determine proper compensation for risks assumed.  Recommend to the boards  financial policies and long-range objectives to mitigate financial risks, recognizing that the Investment Committee is charged with managing the risks associated with the investment portfolio.
  7. Review and recommend to the boards policies or any necessary policy amendments related to tax regulations or financial policies and standards proposed by management.
  8. Review the Expense Reimbursement Policies at appropriate intervals.  Also periodically review payments made to the university officers who are beneficiaries of these policies.
  9. Review the financing requirements of UBF and evaluate management’s proposals for timing and funding vehicles to support such financing requirements and recommend, as appropriate, specific financing arrangements to the boards.
  10. Review and recommend to the boards an adequate level of reserves to fund contingencies.
  11. Submit reports of all meetings to the boards.
  12. Provide relevant ongoing education and information to the boards.
  13. Maintain a succession plan.
  14. Review and evaluate major initiatives, changes, and overall performance of UBF business office.
  15. Solicit information from UB leadership on major UB projects that might involve significant UBF financial resources.
  16. Review this charge annually or more often if necessary and recommend changes, if any, to the boards and perform any other activities consistent with this charge that the boards deem appropriate.
Meeting Schedule

October, February, April, June, as practicable

Staff Support
Kim Chase Kim Chase
Executive Assistant and Board Coordinator
Phone: (716) 645-8738
Photo Not Available Katie Ruh Johnson
Senior Associate Director of Finance and Assistant Controller
Phone: (716) 645-1578
Stacy Knapper Stacy Knapper
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (716) 645-3013