Gift Stewardship

At the UB Foundation, we are proud to play an important role in attracting vital resources for the university, serving donors, and managing gifts in a way that provides long-term financial stability and flexibility.

An overview of our services

When you make a gift for the betterment of the University at Buffalo, it is managed by the UB Foundation—a private, nonprofit corporation that supports UB. The UB Foundation does not set fundraising priorities; we simply help UB achieve its mission and goals through effective stewardship and investment of gifts. This is a common arrangement at leading public universities, as it provides numerous benefits for donors.
Donors make a difference at UB, and we are proud to play an important role in serving donors and managing gifts.
At the UB Foundation, we:
  • Manage the gift transaction (including sending receipts and tax documents)
  • Invest the funds in order to earn a strong return
  • Make the funds available to the university for spending based on your exact intentions
Ensuring that every gift is used as intended

As a private organization that supports UB, we work with the university to ensure that your gift is used for its intended purpose. We take pride in representing the interests of donors, often in perpetuity.

Delivering strong returns

We are exceptionally proud of our successful track record in managing the sizable endowment and other investments for UB. We invest wisely, manage the risk, and provide the financial support that UB needs. Our goal is to maintain the value of the principal, even with substantial fluctuations in financial markets, thereby providing UB leadership with the confidence that funding objectives can be achieved.

Protecting your privacy

We understand that you may want to protect your privacy and your personal financial information. As a private organization, we are not required to disclose gift agreements, which means that your gift for UB will remain confidential unless you wish to be recognized publicly for your generosity.

Frequently Asked Questions - Making a gift to UB


Can I make a gift online?

Yes. Please visit our Make a Gift Now page.

Can I make a gift through payroll deduction or electronic funds transfer (EFT)?

Yes, you can make a gift through EFT or (for UB employees) payroll deduction. Please visit the Giving to UB website for details.

Can I make a gift of marketable securities?

Yes. Gifts of stocks, bonds and some mutual fund shares held in a brokerage account can be readily transferred to the UB Foundation’s account. Please note that certain mutual fund shares may require a transfer within the specific fund company and may take up to a month to complete the process. Our practice is to immediately liquidate all gifts of marketable securities and invest the funds in our professionally managed portfolios.

Contact us to make a gift of marketable securities

Why do I designate my gift to the UB Foundation when I am making a gift to UB?

As part of our role in supporting UB, we accept and administer gifts for the betterment of UB. Therefore, gifts in support of UB are donated to the UB Foundation.


Do you send a receipt for gifts?

Yes. We send gift receipts for all gifts received. If a gift is from a corporation or organization, please include the name and title of the individual who needs to receive the receipt.

Can you email a receipt to me?

Yes. If you are donating online, all online gifts are sent an email receipt. If you are mailing in your donation, please note that you would like your gift receipt emailed and include your email.


How are endowment funds and other funds invested?

More than 90 professional investment managers currently share in the administration of the portfolio, with performance monitored by the trustees. Investments are distributed among various asset classes in order to honor spending policies, maintain risk tolerance and stability, produce appropriate investment returns, and achieve long-term objectives.

What are the anticipated returns?

Our primary investment objective is to continue maximizing total investment return while preserving the inflation-adjusted purchasing power of the portfolio.

View our benchmarks


What is a quid pro quo gift?

Per the IRS, a quid pro quo gift is “a payment made partly as a contribution and partly in consideration for goods or services provided to the donor by the donee organization.” In other words, there is an expectation or understanding on the part of the donor that he or she will receive specific goods or services due in part to the gift.

How do I determine the fair market value of any benefits I receive?

Benefits provided to you that are “insubstantial” do not need to be subtracted from your contribution. Items are “insubstantial” if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The fair market value of all benefits is less than 2% of your total contribution, or $113, whichever is LESS. Note: It is not possible to determine the fair market value for a percentage or dollar off discount benefit (e.g., a bookstore discount, or non-athletic ticket discount). As a result, these types of benefits are exempt when determining the fair market value of benefits you receive in exchange for your contribution.
  • For gifts of $56.50 or more, the benefits received are token items like mugs, bookmarks, etc. that bear UB’s name and/or logo and for which the cost to the university for all items given is $11.30 or less.
  • Benefits are offered to a donor in return for a payment/contribution of $75 or less and consist of rights or privileges that can be used frequently during the membership period (e.g., parking privileges, bookstore discounts, non-athletic events, etc.).

Benefits that do not meet the criteria above are considered “substantial” and must be subtracted from your contribution for tax purposes.

Are payments for raffle tickets deductible?

No portion of a payment made resulting in an opportunity to win a prize or gift may be considered deductible. This includes raffle tickets, door prizes and other games of chance.

Where can I find more information about which contributions are deductible?

For more detailed information, including examples of deductibility of various contributions, please consult the following sources:


Are there gift fees involved with giving to UB?

Yes. Gift fees—which we strive to keep as low as possible—allow us to continue providing exceptional service, stewardship and flexibility in support of UB. The fees are as follows:

Gift revenues

  • Endowment Principal Gifts: 0%
  • Expendable Gifts: 5%
Endowment fund revenues

While no fee is deducted from any gifts to the principal of an endowment, an endowment fee amounting to approximately 1% of the value of each endowment fund is charged each year.

Charitable trusts and gift annuities

For all charitable trusts that we administer, an annual fee is charged of approximately 0.5% of the beginning-of-the-year market value. For all gift annuities that we administer, a fee totaling less than 0.5% of the beginning-of the-year market value is charged on the annual income allocation. Upon final distribution of trust or annuity assets, standard gift revenue fees are applied. For those charitable trusts that we do not administer, standard gift revenue fees are applied upon receipt of distribution from the trust.


For more detailed information please see the Philanthropic Fee Policy.


  • Fueling the Freshman Experience

    The UB Foundation manages scholarship funds for the betterment of UB, enabling students to take advantage of unique opportunities and experiences.

  • Sparking Innovation

    The UB Foundation manages the endowment that funded the Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.

  • Promoting Global Conversations

    The Distinguished Speakers Series, supported by an endowment that we manage, brings speakers of national and international renown to campus several times a year.

  • The GRoW home being placed on North Campus
    Supporting a New Home for Learning

    The UB Foundation played a vital role in administering gifts that support the GRoW home, and assisting with other important services necessary to help with the success UB’s School of Architecture and Planning had with this home. (Photo credit: Mark Adams)

  • Leading International Research

    Gil Wolfe is an internationally known expert in myasthenia gravis (MG), the most common disease of neuromuscular transmission.

  • Attracting the Best

    Endowed chairs bring some of the world's leading scholars to UB, and are made possible in large part by the gift stewardship services that we provide.

  • Helping Develop A Home and Vibrant Residential Community for Students

    Greiner Hall, home to nearly 600 undergraduates on UB's North Campus, is owned and managed by the UB Foundation.

  • Supporting UB's Historic Move Downtown

    Relocating UB's new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, which will help attract leading physicians, researchers and medical students, would not have been possible without our help.

  • Strengthening UB's Ability to Share World-Class Collections

    A home for UB's permanent art collections and the lead facility for UB's museum studies program–the Anderson Gallery is owned by the UB Foundation.

  • Creating New Compositions

    An internationally recognized composer thrives at UB, thanks in part to our key role in supporting an endowed chair.

  • Enhancing Education, Research and Clinical Care

    By helping to support endowed chairs, we play a role in attracting some of the world's top researchers and leaders to UB—including Anne B. Curtis, MD.

  • The football team practices in the Murchie Family Fieldhouse
    Building the Murchie Family Fieldhouse

    The UB Foundation played a pivotal role in the creation of the Murchie Family Fieldhouse, including advancing funds that allowed construction to proceed earlier than anticipated, and administering donor gifts for the facility.

  • Charice Thompson, winner of the Drs. Henry J. and Bonita R. Durand Scholarship, with her husband, Jermaine Thompson; son, Baron; and daughter, Emerald.
    Encouraging Nontraditional Student Entrepreneurs

    The UB Foundation administers endowments that support numerous scholarships, including the Durand Scholarship, which encourages and supports graduates of programs housed within UB’s Cora P. Maloney Center (CPMC).

  • Marian Thompson
    Caring For Her So She Can Care For Others

    Many students have been able to continue their education in part due to Student Emergency Funds. The UB Foundation is proud to manage gifts that support these critical funds.

  • Trumpet players in the marching band
    So the Music Never Stops

    The UB Foundation administers the Marching Band Endowment Fund, which supports student musicians and their invaluable contributions to student life at UB.

  • Providing the ‘Gold Standard’ Nationwide

    An affiliate of the UB Foundation has continued to support UDSMR by providing the corporate structure through which the intellectual property is controlled.

Supporting The Campaign for UB

Boldly Buffalo logo

The UB Foundation has a critical role in supporting Boldly Buffalo: The Campaign for UB. Just as we have been involved in all of UB’s capital campaigns, we will continue to provide gift stewardship, manage the endowment, and help ensure that donors are able to direct their gifts. Boldly Buffalo 

Serving Donors and Managing Gifts

At the UB Foundation, we are proud to manage gifts from loyal donors around the globe. To read stories about how these gifts are changing lives on campus and worldwide, please visit the Boldly Buffalo campaign website .