Strengthening UB’s Ability to Share World-Class Collections

Visitors at an event at the Anderson Gallery

UB’s Anderson Gallery, which is owned by the UB Foundation, is a rich cultural resource that serves UB faculty, staff and students, as well as the entire community.

Access to breathtaking art collections and archives. Hands-on experiences for students. Educational programs for the University Heights community. These are just a few of the priceless benefits that the Anderson Gallery delivers.

“I’d like students to be able to experience every job in the gallery, from the craftspeople who make frames, to handling, packing and shipping artworks, to being registrar, identifying and describing different artworks.”

David Anderson

As a state-of-the-art exhibition space, the Anderson Gallery is a vital part of the Western New York arts scene, and is known for thought-provoking exhibitions, an international collection of 20th-century art, and an intriguing list of visiting artists. It also serves as the home for the museum studies program for the University at Buffalo, providing real-life experience in arts management for UB students.

UB is proud to offer the Anderson Gallery as a resource for faculty, students and the community—and the UB Foundation is equally proud to support UB in this mission (the facility is owned by FNUB, Inc., one of our affiliates, for the betterment of UB).

New York City. Paris. Buffalo.

After running galleries in New York City and Paris, the late UB alum David K. Anderson (the son of legendary New York gallerist Martha Jackson) opened his own gallery in Buffalo. Anderson then generously donated the building to UB, along with a multi-million dollar collection including 1,200 works of art and extensive archives from the Martha Jackson and David Anderson galleries—along with a substantial trust that offered ongoing financial support.

Today, the Anderson Gallery is a well-known cultural resource for UB, Western New York and beyond, “dedicated to collaboration between the university, cultural institutions and the community in order to enrich our educational programs.”

Home to UB’s permanent art collection

In addition to offering a year-round series of exhibitions and programs that support the curriculum, the Anderson Gallery provides:
  • A home for UB’s permanent art collection
  • Professional training for graduate and undergraduate students
  • Internships and curatorial opportunities
  • Support for student and faculty research
  • Additional opportunities for research and study