Real Estate Management

An aerial view of South Lake Village Apartments. Owned by the UB Foundation, this complex is home to 500+ upperclassmen.

The University at Buffalo is recognized around the globe as a top university, in large part because of its world-class facilities and vibrant 21st-century campus environment. From a new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and highly successful technology incubator, to eco-friendly student housing, UB is leading the way.

We help ensure that the university has the real estate it needs for today—and for the future. Our flexible financing, timely acquisition of land, and other critical strategic initiatives have helped save UB millions of dollars, while keeping key projects moving forward. In addition to our dedicated real estate committee, we have several affiliates that focus solely on real estate, to ensure that we are able to provide the support that UB needs.

Meeting the demand for student housing

As UB’s enrollment has grown, we have played a critical role in addressing the increased need for student housing. Today, we own numerous student housing projects, all of which have occupancy rates near 100%. These projects, which were typically financed and constructed with tax-exempt bond proceeds, include:

Creekside Village

  • Opened in 2002
  • For upperclassmen
  • 232 beds
  • Apartment-style
  • 12.3 acres

Flickinger Court

  • Opened in 1998
  • For graduate students
  • 230 beds
  • Apartment-style
  • 11.5 acres

Flint Village

  • Opened in 2001
  • For upperclassmen
  • 536 beds
  • Apartment-style
  • 19.9 acres

Greiner Hall

  • Opened in 2011
  • For sophomores
  • 598 beds
  • Suite-style
  • 13.5 acres

Hadley Village

  • Opened in 1999
  • For upperclassmen
  • 622 beds
  • Apartment-style
  • 10.9 acres

South Lake Village

  • Opened in 2000
  • For upperclassmen
  • 552 beds
  • Apartment-style
  • 13.7 acres


Facilitating research and economic development

Since it opened, the UB Incubator at Baird Research Park has helped create more than 500 new jobs. The incubator is home to UB’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships—a program that helps identify and support start-up businesses—and is also part of New York State’s START-UP NY initiative. A UB Foundation affiliate owns and helps manage the incubator, which is located adjacent to UB’s North Campus.

Providing a popular on-campus gathering place

Every day, thousands of UB faculty, staff and students pass through The Commons—a popular shopping mall on UB’s North Campus, featuring stores and restaurants. We helped develop the property for The Commons, as well as for the adjacent campus bookstore. Together, the property forms a 15.7-acre area referred to as Parcel B, which a UB Foundation affiliate leases from UB.

Serving the UB community throughout Western New York

We own and operate other off-campus real estate for the betterment of UB leadership, faculty, students and staff, including:

  • Anderson Gallery—a functioning art gallery that provides curriculum support and other resources for UB faculty and students, while playing a vital role in the Western New York arts scene
  • The UB president’s residence
We may also continue to play a key role in the acquisition of land in downtown Buffalo and elsewhere, in support of UB facilities on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and throughout the region.