Financial Services

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We help UB achieve its goals by providing assistance with a wide range of services that support faculty, staff and students.

We offer flexible, efficient financial services to the University at Buffalo, enhancing major projects and initiatives through our ability to borrow funds and procure goods and services in a timely and effective manner. From strategic financing in support of UB’s Top 25 ambition, to gift processing for various departments, we help university leadership, faculty, staff and students achieve their goals.

Managing an endowment for UB

We are responsible for investing and overseeing a significant endowment for the betterment of UB. Our strong performance supports countless activities throughout UB, helps ensure financial stability, and also results in increased donations.

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Attracting resources for UB

Like most public universities, UB depends on private support from donors. We assist UB and University Advancement  with gift stewardship, including:
  • Providing stewardship reports to donors
  • Reporting on investment performance
  • Providing gift receipts for donors
  • Maintain donor privacy as requested
  • Ensure donor intent is achieved

Supporting UB initiatives by assisting with expenditures

As a leading public research university, the University at Buffalo is committed to maintaining premier facilities, supporting groundbreaking research, and attracting top students, faculty and researchers. We support UB in these endeavors by assisting with various expenditures. As part of our service to UB, the UB Foundation also provides payroll administration for UB faculty and staff who are funded with UB Foundation resources. These transactions are guided by many policies, practices and controls; most of these are imposed by federal or state governing authorities, while some are imposed by donors and appropriate stewardship standards, some are developed by our board, and some are simply judged to be good practice by UB officials or other external sources.

Providing business services for related organizations

We also offer a wide range of financial services to organizations that are related to UB’s mission. These services play an integral role in our support of the university.