Financial Overview

As a private, independent organization supporting a public institution, we are committed to supporting UB’s vision, mission and priorities, while upholding our responsibilities to the public and donors. Our financial practices are a reflection of our values, and the values of the communities we serve.


A diverse revenue stream

We receive revenue from numerous sources that we manage for the betterment of the University at Buffalo, including:

  • Investments—primarily returns from the substantial endowment
  • Rental income—from student apartments and other university-affiliated property
  • Program service revenue
  • Gifts and bequests from donors

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Fiscal 2022

Chart Legend

Contributions of cash and other financial assets: Funds and other assets donated

Contributions of nonfinancial assets: Other nonfinancial assets donated

Investment Revenue: Return on investments (primarily the endowment) that the UB Foundation manages for the betterment of UB

Program Service Revenue: Non-gift revenue from a variety of activities and services that support UB

Rental Income: Rent from student apartments and other properties owned by the UB Foundation

Other: Interest agreements and Interest rate swaps

Managing resources that support UB’s strategic goals

We play a key role in ensuring that UB has the resources needed to attract top students, faculty and researchers by providing a predictable revenue source and a wide range of financial services. The funds we provide are used wisely and in an impactful manner, as per the donor’s intentions, primarily at the direction of university leadership, faculty and staff in support of UB’s mission and goals.

Chart Legend

Salary & Fringe for UB Directed Staff: Payroll and benefits for UB faculty and staff who are funded with UB Foundation resources

UB Travel, Conferences & Meetings: Funding for UB students, faculty and staff

Services for UB: Funding for services that support units throughout UB

Scholarships & Fellowships: Financial support for UB students

Equipment & Supplies for UB: Funding for UB unit purchases

Fundraising: Support for UB’s efforts to raise money from private sources

 Real Estate Operated for the benefit of UB: Maintenance and other facility-related costs of properties owned by the UB Foundation for UB

 Business Office Administration: Funding required to run the UB Foundation business operation

 Other: Various expenditures that support UB

Fiscal 2022

Transparency and accountability

We are committed to transparency and accountability, as appropriate. Our business practices exceed the requirements of state and federal laws, and we are audited both annually by an independent public accountant, and on a periodic basis by federal and state authorities.


Financial Documents


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Each entity included within the UB Foundation files a 990 form (for tax-exempt organizations) with the IRS.

Fiscal 2022-23