Advancing UB

Whether we are securing land for a medical school that will transform health care in Buffalo Niagara, helping UB provide scholarships for well-deserving students from around the globe, or using our financial expertise to maximize the endowment for future generations, we are committed to furthering the university’s strategic goals in research, scholarship and educational excellence.

A positive impact throughout UB–and across Buffalo Niagara

Our flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness play a key role in helping UB achieve landmark goals that benefit faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community in myriad ways:

Academic excellence

  • Managing the endowment, scholarship funds and other investments for the betterment of UB, which enables students in nearly every discipline to continue their research and education
  • Supporting faculty research, scholarships and departmental activities through donor stewardship
  • Playing a key role in recruiting and retaining world-renowned scholars by ensuring the availability of necessary resources

Strategic services

  • Enhancing UB’s ability to achieve its Top 25 ambition through key investments, flexible financing, asset management and securement of land

Real estate management

  • Developing and financing key property owned by UB Foundation affiliates
  • Securing land and arranging for flexible financing, which enables major projects to proceed in a timely manner, and has saved UB and taxpayers millions of dollars
  • Working to meet demand for on-campus student housing

Financial stability and purchasing power

  • Enhancing the university’s long-term financial outlook
  • Providing stability in a time of changing public support for higher education
  • Streamlining UB’s costs and improving purchasing power
  • Enabling flexibility in borrowing and procurement
  • Ensuring that vendors, business partners and employees are paid efficiently and accurately
  • Monitoring activities for appropriate and demonstrable impact from revenues
  • Producing effective reporting and communication on activities and results

Gift stewardship

  • Providing services that help ensure an engaged base of donors, alumni and friends
  • Administering thousands of private gifts and grants annually for the betterment of the university